HPBD Terms Of Service (7/30/13 Update)

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HPBD Terms Of Service (7/30/13 Update) Empty HPBD Terms Of Service (7/30/13 Update)

Post by Admin on Tue Aug 14, 2012 11:40 pm

HPBD Guidelines

*the following is subject to update at any time. It is your responsibility to be kept updated*

Registering Your Account

• The birthdate you enter must be your own.
• You will only be allowed to register 1 account. Alt accounts will slowly be deleted as of today, no exceptions. I strongly advise everyone to let the admin aware of your main account.
•Your HPBD username must be the same as your IMVU account. Accounts not found registered on IMVU - will be locked/deleted in the hands of the admin.
•If you got a name change on IMVU, Kindly go to the HPBD Name Change Topic and request an update to your new and current IMVU username.
•If you get name-change do NOT make a new account. Ask us for a name-change.

Public Content
• All material submitted in HPBD is to remain GA (general audience).
• Questionable material (i.e. sexual, racist, political, religious..) will not be permitted.
• Public accusations to another member or any at all will not be permitted. Contact a moderator or admin with valid proof. Any public accusers will be given a notice.
• Keep comparison to other forums private.
• False advertisement and chain letters will not be permitted.
• Spam will not be tolerated (i.e. constantly repeating your posts).
• Profanity is not permitted if directed at someone else or if it is for malicious intentions (a penalty of a bar dock will be admitted if caught swearing maliciously).

Opening New Threads and Topics

• When creating a new topic you are to click on "New Post" found at the bottom left.
• When replying to a topic you are to click on "Post Reply" found beside new post. Do not start a new topic when replying to someone.
• After 990 posts, your topic will be locked.
• Bumping will only be allowed every 10 hours.
•Ideas & References will not be considered theft but re-creating a referenced layout will be considered high referencing. A penalty of a bar dock will be admitted – if repeated the user will be issued a penalty of a 2 week-ban.
• Images in a post are to remain 700x500 (widthxheight) size variations in between are acceptable
• All images posted are to be permitted for use and abide by GA
• A topic will be considered inactive after 30 days of not being replied to or bumped.
• Change your title to “On Hold” for the 30 day time stamp to be overlooked and be given a 60 day time stamp before it is considered inactive.

Addressing Other Members

• Harassing, bullying, threatening or trolling toward another member for any reason is strictly forbidden.
• Filing a complaint about another member or another staff member requires you to give a complete and unedited proof of this harassment; any incomplete proof & outside information will be ignored and suggested to use the friends & foes option.
• Impersonating a staff member is not permitted and will result in a notice.
• Personal grudges, quarrels, arguments & so on will not be tolerated.
• Common courtesy & sense is highly recommended.
Your Password and Account Safety
• Staff members will –never- ask for your log-in information.
• Do not share or give another member your log-in info.
• Staff will not be responsible for the consequences of sharing or giving access of your account to another member.
• Staff will not be responsible for the loss and restoration of your log-in. kindly use the “I forgot my password” option found on the log-in page.

Your Password and Account Safety

•Staff members will –never- ask for your log-in information.Immediately inform the admin of said infraction.
•Do not share and give another member your log-in. Assistant and friend included. Manage your account.
•Staff will not be responsible for the consequences of sharing and giving access of your account to another member
•Staff will not be responsible for the loss&restoration of your log-in. Kindly use the “I forgot my password” option found on the log-in page.
•Shared your account? Staff found multiple accounts working as 1?You will be questioned and penalized of said accounts if found to be alts

See Something You like and want To Buy?

• -Have- the currency asked before requesting to purchase anything at all.
• You agree to the HPBD Guidelines & Shop Guidelines given by the shop owner when purchasing.
• Do not spam or slander a shop. Take it in to private for –any- questions or disagreements.
• Scamming will not be tolerated with regards to payments.
• Re-assure who you are paying before sending payments & how you are sending them.
•Make a template,show them how you want it arranged or possibly placed. Make your –own- in paint.Do not google and take someone else’s template or layout pre-view. This includes customs in shops and free shops.

Didn’t Find What You Wanted To Buy? Try A Request!

• Make sure you are specific and have enough information about what you want.
• You may ask for examples from users attempting to try your request.
• You may give references related to your theme.
• You may make a template and use it as a reference to your request.
• Do not ask to re-create someone else’s design.
• Give a price range. Re-assure members that you –are- able to pay said amount with a screenshot (highly optional).

Selling Your Hard Work & Making a Shop?

• All & Absolutely -all- content up for sale must be 100% legitimately made by the seller have reselling rights and/or usage rights.
• With the said above I imply to –everyone- that Google is a mere search engine ,not a free stock provider for add-ons, and templates.
• Always watermark your work on display.
• You will only be allowed 1 personal shop,2 collaboration shops and lastly,1 free shop. Remember you will have the pre-made market on the side.
• Want your topic locked & deleted? Kindly refer yourselves to the HPBD Trash Can or change your title to “Lock&Delete”.
• Have unwanted spam & posts in your topic? Address a moderator to the situation and request for said posts to be deleted with liable reason

Highest Bid Wins! Auction House

• You can auction up to three pieces in an auction at a time.
• Hosts are permitted to cancel said auctions.
• Auction can be canceled to be sold privately.
• All contents in auctions must be GA.
• Scamming will not be tolerated. Do not bid if you cannot afford to pay.
•  Auctions will be deleted after 2 weeks of them being locked.
• Once an auction is changing the title to “closed” with the winners name
• Auctions are only permitted to be open for as long as 12 days. No longer.
• Auction winners are allowed up to 1 week to send payment for said auction.
• Collaboration auctions are allowed. All collaboration Artist(s) must confirm said piece will be auctioned
• All contents must be 100% made & owned of said host. Contents bought & permissioned for use must provide proof of said rights.
• All auctions must be sent through forum message to HPBD Applications for approval before posting said auction.
• If Auction Winner Fails To Pay Within a Week, Hosts of Said Auctions Have The Right To Decline The Winning Auction Bid and Give To The Second Highest Bidder.

Feel free to send me a private message at any given time involving concerns, complaints, reports, questions, comments, suggestions and more. A reply will be given as soon as possible. Thank you.
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