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so i know there is a place for F.A.Q.'s already in the navigation bar, but i thought that the ones pertaining to the HBAD should have their own place. so, here it is. the F.A.Q. section, where hopefully most of your questions are answered. if not, just ask one of the mods or an admin via private message.

Q: What does HBAD stand for?
A: HBAD stands for "Homepage Building And Design"

Q: What is the HPBD?
A: the HPBD is a forum based website where members of the imvu community can buy, sell and trade layouts for homepages, product pages, soapboxes, icons and banners.

Q: Why arent GASR and HPBD in the same site?
A: On imvu, the GASR and HPBD forums were separated so that general art and layouts & coding could be sold independently. The owners of the two sites agreed to keep it this way off of imvu.

Q: Who owns the HPBD website?
A: The founder is Tribe, it is currently owned by 2 others.

Q: Where do i learn more about HPBD and the forum?
A: In the Tips, Tutorials & Resources forum, there is the HPBD Guide. It contains all the information in topics which give information on terminology, how to make a request, the difference between GASR, HPBD & FSF, and many more helpful forum resources.

Q: What do i do if i changed my username on imvu or misspelled it when i signed up and need it changed here?
A: Name changes on the HPBD forum are free. You may request one in this thread. as of September 19, 2012 a proof of imvu name change is required to change your name in the HPBD .

Q: Who are the staff members/mods?
A: You can find a roster of all our staff members in this thread.

Q: Who made all the really awesome dA style emotes?
A: ebonred, stuckinsuburbia, InvaderZaeon, Lythero, SnowSniffer, TimmehMonster, Sylvaur, zacthetoad, darkmoon3636, bad-blood, arrioch, de-Mote, MarioLuigi2010, CookiemagiK, Czar-the-Dragon

Q: Can i sell icons and banners here?
A: Yes, however, these must be sold in layout or coding shops. In other words, we dont allow Icon & Banner shops, rather icon and banner sections within layout or coding shops.

Q: Can i have an alternate account?
A: Yes, however, the alternate account MUST be registered with imvu.com as well. We will check on this.

Feel free to send me a private message at any given time involving concerns, complaints, reports, questions, comments, suggestions and more. A reply will be given as soon as possible. Thank you.

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