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HPBD Terminology/Glossary  Empty HPBD Terminology/Glossary

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HPBD Terminology/Glossary

a guide to all the terms that may frequently show up in shops & threads here in the HBAD forum (:
this is for anyone and everyone, both newer users and "seasoned" members


  • 'k': k refers to the amount 'thousand' (example: 5k = 5,000 ; 120k = 120,000)
  • avi: your IMVU avatar
  • collab: collaberation; two or more artists working together in a shop or on a piece of art
  • DNP: "do not post". if this is in the subject/shop title then do not post a reply to the topic
  • DP(s): display picture(s)
  • FF: first free; meaning the first order in the shop will be free of charge
  • HPBD: acronym for "Homepage Building And Design" (the forum youre on)
  • PYP: pick your price
  • Req: Request
  • Sig / Siggy: refers to your forum signature
  • Temp: "temporary" (usually seen as: Temp Shop)
  • Tut(s): tutorial(s)
  • WIP: Work In Progress
  • iFrame: stands for "inline frame." a type of layout code formatting where the information is hosted outside of the html code
  • DynamicDIV: another type of layout where the information is stored within the html code
  • DIV: a tab-less web layout
  • CSS: Cascading Style Sheet (used in coding)
  • .PNG: "Portable Network Graphic" - a bitmapped image format (images saved as a .png have a transparent background)
  • .GIF: "Graphics Interchange Format" (images saved as a .gif typically contain a picture in motion)

  • Forum: an online common topic based community
  • Thread: a set of messages or posts grouped together in one place
  • Post: a single reply to a topic or thread

i see this mistake a lot;
below is a Form NOT a Forum


Ordering a Layout
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