How to post and customise a new topic

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How to post and customise a new topic Empty How to post and customise a new topic

Post by Epiq on Sun Aug 18, 2013 1:57 pm

If you want to make your post stand out a bit, why not try using the different edit options located on the top of your message box, such as underline, bold, center text and so on, it is easy to do once you know how, just highlight the selected text and then click on which ever edit you wish,  for instance you can make your text look like this just by clicking the underline tab and changing the color (remember you must highlight the text EACH time you want to add a new effect)

If you want to add a link to an external site (e.g if you want to add a screenie for reference) you need to go to your selected page where the image is stored (photobucket, tinypic  etc) and then click on the little chain icon that says Insert/Modify link (next to the YouTube icon) and paste the url into the top box, then in the box below you need to name your link i.e clicky/here, Then when your topic is posted, the url links will be highlighted for someone to click on, then they will be redirected to your image.

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